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SU - which means water in Turkish - was born of an encounter at the intersection of Asia and Europe, between Paris and Istanbul. Reflecting a subtle balance between Parisian chic, Anatolian craftsmanship and Istanbul dynamic creativity, SU breathes new life into beachwear.

Combed cotton gauze, linen voile, refined raw edges, hand-knotted fringe and hand-painted textures: SU Paris is proud to work only with the finest natural materials, whether in textiles custom-made in Anatolia or the highest quality fabrics sourced in Italy. A reverence for artisanal techniques and handcrafted savoir-faire is reflected in every step of the production process, to ensure that each piece is unique.

Elegant beach kaftans, ponchos and tunics are inspired by the most remote shores, offered in a palette of neutral tones and supple, featherweight fabrics. SU Paris gives pride of place to luxurious materials and finishes, transparency, lightness and fluidity, to create a fresh vision of travel: pure, chic and cool.