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Pia Conaghan noticed there was a vast gap in the fashion world where luxury lingerie and sustainability never intersected. After establishing herself through the ranks of the luxury lingerie industry and noticing the ever-increasing demand for her luxurious avant-garde designs with a focus on sustainable materials, the eponymous brand Studio Pia was born.

The beauty of the Studio Pia brand is undeniable and immediately recognizable with their use of vibrant, saturated color, luxurious bespoke embroideries, and innovative designs. Each collection takes inspiration from fine art and couture, where sublime colors and textures combine with precise craftsmanship to create pieces that flatter all body types, so every woman can wear their lingerie like fine art adorning the body. Each piece from Studio Pia is adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit for each of these unforgettable designs.

While Studio Pia's garments are eye-catching in their own right, the brand is also turning heads with their focus on ethical materials and production, hoping to inspire the fashion industry to seek out more sustainable and ethical practices from materials and fabrics to the workers in their supply chain. Each garment from Studio Pia is ethically crafted within the UK and Europe using cruelty-free fabrics and sustainable practices with a fine eye for design, construction, and craftsmanship. Discover lavish luxury with a conscience through the extravagant splendor of Studio Pia.