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Versatility, sophistication, and figure flattering fabrics are top priority for Koral's Creative Director and Co-Founder Ilana Kugel, who combines her native Brazilian flair with Los Angeles sensibility. Growing up on the spirited beaches and diverse streets of Rio de Janeiro, Kugel was inspired by her surroundings - from the organic shapes of the Lush Inland to the sleek lines of Rio's modern architecture. With a thirst to express her cultural influences through fashion, she pursued an education in art and design at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Sao Paulo. She later uprooted to Los Angeles to unleash her creativity, talent, and vision in a city that is home to some of the most influential artists and designers in the world.

When Ilana Kugel was inspired to infuse her Brazilian native roots into activewear, she quickly looked to partner up with industry expert Peter Koral to launch her collection to the world. With Koral's sharp intuition, he knew Kugel's sophisticated edge combined with her understanding of function, fabrics, and form would elevate workout clothes as we know it and propel activewear into the spotlight of fashion. With roots in swimwear design and construction, Kugel's expertise in designing for the female silhouette gives her a distinct edge in creating sexy, fashion forward activewear that effortlessly transitions from workout to night out and everything in between.

Koral creates premium activewear that is driven by fashion, engineered with luxurious fabrics from around the world, and designed to push and empower active individuals to live, look and feel their best. Koral Activewear stretches the imagination to stretch across your active life.