Wolford: Cheri Tights

Wolford: Cheri Tights

Wolford: Cheri Collection – An exquisite dart design starts at stay-up height and continues down the whole leg to look like a front and back seam. Panty section mimics garters and is decorated with a small rose bow at each end. Wolford is the leader in hosiery, using the most cutting edge technology to create highly durable stockings and tights.
• Wolford: Cheri Tights
• Captivating fashion tights.
• Features seam-like dart design down the front and back.
• Garter-inspired panty section with rose bows.
• 22 dtex/20 den appearance.
• 47% polyamide, 42% polyester, 11% elastane.
• Wolford made in Austria.


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