Wolford: Palomina Tights
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Wolford Palomina Tights


This product is no longer available.


Wolford: Palomina Collection – These exciting sheer tights feature an elegant front seam topped by narrow, horizontal stripes at stay-up height. The dotted panty section is another thrilling surprise just waiting to be discovered. Wolford is the leader in hosiery, using the most cutting edge technology to create highly durable stockings and tights.
• Wolford: Palomina Tights
• Exciting sheer fashion tights.
• Features an alluring front seam.
• Narrow, horizontal stripes at stay-up height.
• Dotted panty section.
• 17 dtex/15 den appearance.
• 87% polyamide, 9% elastane, 4% polyester.
• Wolford hosiery made in Austria.

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