Wolford: Affair 10 Stockings
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Wolford Affair 10 Stockings


This product is no longer available.


Wolford: Affair 10 Stockings - This suspender belt stocking has an elegant lace band without a silicone finish and a seductive silky sheen. Wolford is the leader in hosiery, using the most cutting edge technology to create highly durable stockings and tights that are soft to the touch.

• Wolford hosiery: Affair 10 Stockings
• High elasticity due to use of double-covered Lycra in every row.
• Denier of 10 (referring to opaqueness), allowing for an alluring, transparent look.
• Lacy top band void of silicone used to keep stocking in place, making a garter belt necessary.
• Flat toe seam and reinforced toe for exceptional durability.
• 93% nylon, 7% elastane.
• Wolford hosiery made in Austria.


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