Feu de Venus: Axelle Waspie
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Feu de Venus Axelle Waspie


This product is no longer available.


Feu de Venus: Axelle Collection – Representing all the silken splendor that drips and pours from the raw, simple divinity of the female form, Feu de Venus designs are so distinctly sexual and erotic that you can't quite tear your eyes from the luscious portrait that it creates. With their luxurious collections made of the finest materials, get lost in a fantasy of intensity and intimacy. Let the explorations and rituals of love come to life.
• Feu de Venus: Axelle Waspie
• Modern wide strappy waist cincher.
• Boning in front and at sides.
• Creates a sexy hourglass shape.
• 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane.
• Feu de Venus lingerie made in Canada.

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